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Davely's Journal
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Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
1:55 am
Wow a post....
I have not updated here in awhile....

the Tuesday night game was over. It was rather boring. I largely had nothing to do so what did I do... naturally I did work while watching the other players play and occasionally adding a pose or two for my backup character as my main character was involved in a subplot with another character who did not show up cause of work.... Oh well. Saw this on Derek's livejournal and had to take it.... Interestingly I was the same animal.

You'd turn into a Snowleopard! Like a snowleopard
you are quiet, shy and not seen much and find
it hard to talk to people, but dont really mind
being by yourself. However once you have gotten
over your shyness and are relaxed you are so
different it can be scary! You have a few close
friends who can grasp your strange ways. You
are generally laid back but when you get angry
you get angry and can be very vicious and a
force to be recond with, though few people ever
see this.

What animal would you turn into?
brought to you by Quizilla

Now too much else to add really. I'm finally taking driving lessons since my learner's permit expires at the end of the month. Now if I can only find the time during the day to schedule an appointment at the end of the month.... I hope that's enough time. Scary thought... Davely=driving.... Very scary.... Well everyone reading this is probably gone... too bad since I was going to reveal the secret of life. Oh well, that's how it goes....

"Moving Out" Saturday night. :) Still working on Friday but it's either hanging out with Sveta's friends over their new place that has a gym and a pool and a suana.... *drools* (It's in Malden and about $1300/month I think or was it $1500....) or seeing the new Johnny Depp movie....

I still want to see Dreamers and this Russian movie that Sveta and me read about in the Metro. When I find the link I'll update it here.

*dreaming of testing out this new writing (fiction not technical. ;p) software my friend found*

I was giving the ok this afternoon to buy RoboHelp X5! Finally, but no method of actually buying it.... I'll deal with it in the morning. Yesterday was too hellish to get that done.
Friday, September 5th, 2003
12:08 am
Rambling thoughts....
I tried Santoros for the first time in awhile and it was rather good. I got a grilled chicken sub and let him put peppers and onions and what not on it. It turned out great. My last few subs from them was not too great but this one was more like how I remember them being.

Well tonight is the 2nd night in the last 3 I have not seen Sveta. I'm missing her and am feeling a little lonely. Especially since plans tomorrow night got changed since it's Ed's b-day. I feel kinda bad but I'd rather go see a movie and hang out with just Sveta then entertain him. Not that I mind hanging out with Ed it's just well I'm being a baby. ;p Hopefully Sean and Brian will be interested in coming along as well. :) And even still it will be seeing and hanging out with Sveta. :) I suggested to Ed that we get food and maybe see a live show. Sveta expressed interest in doing that but something tells me they will not exactly agree on what kind of music.

Any suggestions will be well received. :)

Work today was kinda bleah and the murkiness eariler in the day bothered me a bit. At least till Sveta logged on late in the day and we talked for a bit.

I should have tried to write tonight. It was kinda drizzly and I have a renewed smaller writer's club meeting (Brian, George and Marian) coming up soon. Not sure if it's this weekend or the next or if even a solid date has been set. Worse case I have older stuff that I can bring. Too much of it and I think Marian and George will be shocked by the nature of some of it as the writing is more provactive then I normally act I think. That reminds me, I need to send Sveta some of my writing that she asked to see.... *hrms* It's late but maybe I can send her some of it.

Working early shift tomorrow, not exactly something I'm happy with but it is probably for the best when it comes to plans tomorrow night.

I need to see Open Range now. I've read a number of really good reviews about it and
rayden7 has been pushing me to see it since he is confirming everything I've heard. It also sounds like my kind of movie. I guess Sveta and me can see it Saturday. :) (We had planned on seeing it tomorrow night.)

And thanks elvendoll for the ride to the UMass stop. It saved at least about an hour of my commute home.
Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003
2:06 am
Happy thoughts.....
I have not updated here in quite awhile.

And for once I am going to enter a positive entry. Not a negative woe is the world post. Or woe is me even. I just experienced the absolutately best weekend of my life. I have officially exited the realm (Happened a few weeks ago really, just became cemented this weekend.) of being single.

Friday night Sveta (The object of my affections) cancelled her workout plans with a friend and two of us met in town around 8ish and went out to a pub for food and drinks near Fanuel Hall. We had a great time just talking about things in general. I was in this weird happy, silly sarcastic and witty mood and Sveta was just alot of fun to talk with. Afterwards we had some quiet alone time together at her place.

Saturday I finally visited my mom and played my nephew at basketball. I missed everything in practice, but game time of course saw me hitting shots and making plays I have not done since I was 14. So much for the 10 months of little physical activity. Results:

Sveta wanted me to let him win one. I figure one of these days he'll beat his uncle just like I did my brother, fair and square. And that should be a great day for him.

That evening I met up with Sveta, Brian, Ed and George to eat at Fire and Ice in Harvard Square. First time for Ed and me there. We both liked it. Sveta and I tried experimenting with their hot sauce and it was uneatable. ;p And mind you we both like eating spicy foods. ;p Maybe Sean could have handled it better. ;)

Afterwards we went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show live. It was the first time for Sveta, Ed and I. Ed got the aisle seat and of course chickened out being there and swapped with Brian and sat on the far inside seat. I was next to Brian on the aisle end with Sveta next to me and George between her and Ed. The three newbies all enjoyed ourselves and had fun. I was surprised that Sveta did. Pleasantly so. :)

Afterwards everyone minus Ed tried to do Crispy Cream but we missed it. We got there just past 3 am, cause I had to get stuff to stay over Sveta's place. I wish I had sent them off to Crispy Cream while I prepared. Oh well. Sveta fell asleep on the car ride back to her place and she was really cute sleeping.... *sigh* She's cute all the time. :)

Sunday saw us getting up early to meet a group of friends and their babies for lunch at "Texas Roadhouse". This was the first meeting of Sveta with Sean's brother Mike and Max (his wife Lisa and their daughter Emily [Lisa's pregnant again! 4 months I believe.]), Nancy (Brian's sister) and her husband Bill and their daughter Julianna, Neil, (Brian's cousin) and Brian's aunt who I forget the name of but I know starts with a M. Afterwards we went to Ferryway Green near Brian's house so that the two kids could play in the park there. We were surprised to find that the "pavement" there was in fact far closer to a rug in physical compisition. ;p We all chatted some more and eventually people had to leave and head off and it left Sveta and I alone with Brian while he got ready for the evening plans.

One side note: I got very positive feedback from my friends about Sveta. A much different event then the last girl I had introduced everyone to. It was nice to have positive feedback, but I really did not need it. I already knew she was cool. ;p

The 3 of us met up with 3 of the old cast members (Marian [Who Brian, George and I will have writer's group meetings once a month starting this week I think or something like that], Liz, and Julie who also brought her bf along) from Jake's Women's cast that Ubiquity Stage put on to eat at a Russian Restaurant called St. Petersburg Cafe. This of course caused me to have to cancel the RPG game I run on Sunday's last minute, Saturday evening as I found out about the plans late..... Mike P. was mad but he later understood. He just went through alot of hell keeping Sunday open this past week, working crazy hours and doubleshifts, so I could understand him being mad. At any rate, the company was great (Sveta most of all! ;p) and so was the food. (I ate my whole meal despite what some Russian beauty might say. ;p) Afterwards we all, minus Liz, went to a bar for a drink before breaking up for the evening.

Sunday night saw us curled up in bed falling asleep early cause we were exhausted. This was much needed sleep. Monday I got do the whole waking up bit together and sleeping in late with someone for the first time ever. This was something I always wanted to do. We lounged around till 2ish and then watched Moulin Rouge together. She liked it. We eventually dragged ourselves up and went to get food. She let me cook! Well cook more or less. I made my version of my mom's meatballs along with pasta from a box and pasta from a jar. The meatballs though actually were more then just meat rolled up. So it qualified as cooking. Sveta really liked it. It felt good cooking again. I can't do that for just me. she made a great salad to go with it and we were full. Overly so. Course the attempt at buying Breyer's Chocolate chip ice cream was bleah. :( Sveta holds that Russian ice cream is superior and after trying the ice cream in St. Petersberg's Cafe I could not argue against that statement.

Dinner went late and we talked and stuff and ended up not being able to watch the Crow (she's never seen it. I also wanted to get her to watch Spirited Away and eventually a few other things.). But oh well. All in all it was a great weekend. Saw my mom and nephew finally (including new pics of my half niece, Denise), Bill and Nancy and Max and Lisa for the first time in quite awhile, and finally saw Rocky Horror Live. But most of all I got to spend alot of alone time with Sveta.

I really missed her today at work.... :( I had a hard time parting with her this morning, hence making me late for work. This saw me working through lunch to make up all the time and a bit extra. But every time I think of her it makes me smile. :)

So I've been dancing on clouds largely since Friday. And this time it's over the right Russian girl. But an intelligent, sophisticated, sarcastic, cute, funny, adorable, sexy and down to earth girl. If she is reading this I hope she is blushing. ;p Yes, I mean you Sveta. ;)

As I told her this morning, that this weekend and her just in general made the previous 28+ years worthwile to have lived through. Now I'm just counting hours till tonight when we hang out again! *bouncy* :)

Current Mood: giddy
Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
3:10 pm
T3 was pretty good. Better then I thought it would be. It was a nice change of pace from the other summer stuff so far. Nice to see an old fashion action flick. The plot was alot better then I feared and the director did okay. The score was sorely lacking however and it was still an action movie. But Arnold, wow he did rather good. Lots of good one liners in the movie. There was a stretch where every 10 minutes or so he was quiping something funny.

Last night I met Svet in town we ate at Fajitas and Rita's and had a salad (me chicken, her beef) and a maragita (her raspberry and me strawberry. Big surprise, eh? ;p) We then went to CVS real quick and she showed me her work real quick before we went to the Barnes and Nobles near there for about 40 minutes commenting and joking about books we saw there. Afterwards we went to pick up the tickets and go sick in the theatre for the movie.

Afterwards, I saw her home, walking her home from the T. She invited me upstairs and we had some tea and talked. I did get to see her place. Well her place for the rest of the month as she's signed a lease to move to Revere on August 1st. I managed to catch a red line train home in time to catch the last Orange Line train. All in all a fun night.
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
12:28 am
And I'm meeting up with svetlana again tomorrow night to see T3 and get some dinner. Should be fun. :)
Friday, June 27th, 2003
12:29 am
Tonight was alot more fun and interesting then I originally thought it was. I was a little dubious about Irina's offer to hang out and do something. We've planned stuff the last several weeks off and on and nothing came of it. Anyway, it actually happened this time. We met at Ruggles. I was early and she was late, but had warned me when I called her when I got to Ruggles, so all was forgiven, although for a minute I had thought she had stood me up. Anyway, she has a brand new 820something miles on it Civic. Very nice shade of blue. She got the EX with the 127 horsepower engine and a sunroof. We ate at an Indian place, Akbar's in Cambridge. It was good but not as good as it can be. She got her hair cut again since last I saw her in April and she has new glasses. The car combined with the hot psuedo bf (Justin) and intern job that pays more then my current salary made me realize I really am not in her league. She can definitely do better. So it kind of makes me feel better that things did not work there. All in all there are others who can make her feel more happy. I just need to find the one who I can make happy. At least for a time.... Most people do change over time and they can grow apart (Like Brian and me, his current temper tantrum is making me really not want to talk to him.), so I have a hard time thinking any relantionship will last indefinitely.

There was something I was going to add, but I lost it. Anyway, we watched "The 8th Day". An awesome French movie I watched with her for the first time almost 2 years ago. That is the movie she *loves*. It is her favorite. It also is the movie she has potential bfs watch generally. Or current ones. (Honestly I do not know of her renting it to watch with other just normal friends. Everyone I've heard her watch it with fits into that category. Course none of that is proof as she could have done it and just not mentioned it.) I'm the exception here since she already had me watch it awhile back. anyway, it was nice to watch it all the way through without a distraction or dozing cause I had no slept the night before. :) Very very good movie and I highly reccomend it to people to watch. It's one of those bring you to tears and laugh in the same movie, sometimes at the same time. Anyway I would term it as one of my favorite French movies, if not in a rather short list for overall favorite movie. This time she fell asleep during it cause she was up late last night. So she missed over half the movie. She was planning on seeing it again and it was late and she needs to get up early, so I did not want to wake her. I did try to wake her at one point when her AIM sound effects alerted me that her Justin was trying to message her.

anyway, there was more I wanted to write, but I need to go to sleep. Movies tomorrow night. Hopefully a doubleheader of the Hulk and Charlie's Angels.

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, June 19th, 2003
3:16 pm
I woke up this morning feeling rather blah... Got better as the day is going, but I'm getting very blah again. Oh well, on the good side I'm off in a few minutes to an evening of networked Age of Mythology play.... It's my geek thing of the day.

Magic Number15
JobComputer Nerd
TemperamentIf I Lose It - Run
SexualIf I Have To
Likely To WinNothing
Me - In A WordStartling
Brought to you by MemeJack

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, June 12th, 2003
8:10 pm
Buffy season 4 DVD set is home waiting for me. Yay! :)

I also got the first season of Dark Angel. I have not even seen an episode of it but Sean sent me a discount coupon for it and it seems like a show I would enjoy. Worst case it'd make a good gift for Ed for X-mas and/or his b-day. ;p

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, June 11th, 2003
10:59 pm
Jury Duty
I had Jury Duty on Monday. Everyone I knew kept teasing me that I'd be home by 1 and would have half the day off.... Basically they cursed me more or less. ;p As if to fit this line of thinking I received my panel and seat number:

panel: 9
seat: 11

Nice, eh? The previous week there was apparently a case that was going to last 6 weeks so they needed lots of alternates and they impaneled for it over two days so I guess this backlogged some of the cases. :( So this Monday they had several cases needing jurors. They warned us of this just before playing the video for me, that sadly I have seen 3 times now and there has only been minor edits to it. So at this point I figured I was doomed.

I was called first around 10:30 I believe. It was a criminal case in the superior court and was slated to go 3-4 days. I almost tried asking for hardship due to the small size of the department at work. Problem was in a bind I knew they had Bill as a fall back and the new temp was going on his second week and was going to be able to answer the phone besides he seems to be rather compentent. Besides I kinda figured the numbers were on my side. I was right. I was 3 jurors from being selected. We got sent back down and were given a 15 minute break and then had to back on the 5th floor to be called again.... Course just maybe 10-15 minutes after this my panel got called again... Joy, now I knew I was doomed it was only my panel and I knew 3 people in front of me were going to claim "hardship" most likely (Including a cute girl I did manage to get the courage up to speak with for a bit. We got called into the courtroom just when the conversation was getting interesting.... Oh well, my usual curse with women I guess. Course, what story of mine would not be complete with some missed chance with a girl....:( ) and I believe 3 people had been chosen in front of me. This was a district court case (Or am I reversing the terms....) and would either need 7 or 8 people. Originally we were told it was going to be a civil case. Apparently we got up there and they elected to switch us to the criminal case.... We then had a long time to wait before we got called into the court room. This should have ticked us off to something with the defendant since one of the jurors (who later tried toget exempted and was refused by the judge since he started listed his exemption rather loudly so everyone could hear him. The judege then raised his voice and asked him to keep it down since they had asked him to the side bar for a reason to keep it "private". Needless to say this got him on the bad side of the judge. But he was later picked to be taken off by the defense I believe.) commented that they were most likely settling. Course the two of us missed that we had been switched to a criminal case. Only those in front heard that conversation between the baliffs. anyway, of course I was picked. ;p

It was a DUI case. Along with a charge about unauthorized use of a vehicle. (A taxi no less.) Few thoughts about the case:

-the ADA was very unorganized and did not ask follow up questions we as the jury would have liked.
-The case lasted two days
-The defense attorney was rather the opposite.
-The judge and the court officer were both very cool and made us feel at home.
-The defendants own witnesses blew holes in his case.
-The defendant was not very credible of a witness as when you looked at the details his story did not make sense.
-If we had taken a straw poll at the begining he would have gotten off, 4 of us I believe had doubt, it was only when we went through everything piece by piece that we came to a conclusion. A large part of this was due to the prosector not doing her job. Oh well.
-Anything decided by the location of vomit can't be all that bad... Or something like that.

We found him guilty after we found 5 or 6 major holes in his story and several smaller ones.

He had two kids. :( He broke down in the court room when the verdict was read (This made me think of the fact he probably turned down a settlement. ;p) and this made a few of us feel guilty. After it was down the judge came in to talk to us and at this point he informed us that in fact this was a repeat offense. The judge was supposed to decide the sentence. And apparently it was largely mandatory. I missed the sentence for the first offense but heard the second one and other told me about the first one after the fact and apparently he will not get prison, time just probation, a fine and 2 years suspended license.

Oh, I did point out when we were making the decision that him having kids was not a factor as he should have not been out till 1-2 in the morning drinking up to 10 beers or more.... Ah... anyway....

I did feel really good yesterday about life in general. I should have posted then, I had all these great thoughts about everything good I've done in the last few years.... And most of today I was agreeing with that. Something happened on the way home though...

I just realized another major thing I kinda messed up in the past. (And no, this has nothing to do with that black hole of Irina....) *shrugs* *sighs* I think that's enough now, before I get all depressing again.

Current Mood: disappointed
Thursday, June 5th, 2003
12:45 am
I'm Buffy Deprived, Blood Calls deprived(My tuesday night RPing game which was cancelled this week.), Angel season 2 deprived (It's been postponed indefinitely cause the 5th season was picked up, at 100 episodes it'll be eligble for syndication and once it does that they can't sell the DVDs so soon cause the price of the sydication will go down with the DVD being out there...), girlfriend deprived, cuddlying deprived, sex deprived, hell I'm hug deprived, matrix 3 deprived and Pandoria deprived (My main Blood Calls' character: I also have Slade on there as well) and sleep deprived!!!!! Did I mention Matrix Reloaded deprived?

Current Mood: deprived....
Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
11:08 pm
Turns out my roommate is getting stalked by a girl online....

He talked with her on the phone tonight and told her he was not interested point blank. Something I believe he told her a month ago online.

This strikes me as very bizarre....

I wonder how many posts I need to make to make up for the two weeks of non-posting....
10:36 pm
Funny quote:
Q: Is there a practical use for a whip?
A: Depends on your girlfriend.

The answeree of this question was Harrison Ford....

That kind of surprised me till I thought of his earlier image he had with Hans Solo and Indiana Jones. I mean all his later movies he's been stiff jawed and what not, plus he's been known as a family guy irl. Or something like that....

Current Mood: amused
Monday, May 19th, 2003
12:35 pm
I'm having problems properly waking up this morning. Probably since I overslept till 9:35. I did bounce out of bed and was out the door in 10 minutes, but generally I've not been able to fight off the grimy feeling of the lack of a shower and as such. Course the disruption to the usual morning routine probably has messed me up to a point. Luckily I caught a ride with Ed to Oak Grove and had to wait through an out of service train on the Orange Line and then missed a train at Downtown Crossing which is not good after rush hour especially when there is no shuttle bus waiting at this time in the morning and you have to wait for one after calling specifically to be picked up. Something which is also kind of weird. Almost like a mini god complex. *shrugs* I'm sure it'd feel differently if I was more awake....

I saw Matrix Reloaded on Friday night for a second time. I should add to my notes and point out in some ways this movie was not as good as the first one. Especially if my theory on what is going on is wrong. It is less meta physical and mind blowing cause you already know alot about the setting and the technology introduced in this movie does not equal the original's introduction of the bullet time. (Although the chase scene on the highway was very good. Course it took 45 days to shoot and $40 million...?! Wow, I think they got their money's worth though. It was very cooling seeing more of Morpheus in action there.) the only majorly mind blowing scene in this was the revulation at the end of the movie. I am very fond of the Chateau fight, probably more cause I can't get the song played during it out of my head. ;p
SIDE NOTE: I would not kick Monica Belluci out of my bed.... I definitely liked her dress. ;p </perv>

Also on Friday night we ate at Texas Roadhouse near the new Target shopping center in Wellington Circle. This was our second straight week eating there on Friday night before going to see a blockbluster movie for the second time. ;p The two highlights for me was the large 40 oz margarita I had and the cute waitress[(es) Technically there were two as one waitress (Sarah with Texas on her nametag for her name. ;p) was training the other Lisa.] who we had a nice banter with. Too bad as Ed pointed out she had a ring on. Course much of it was to get a better tip I think, which largely worked.

Saturday saw two games of Eurorails, both of which had Ed and me playing, but the first had Sean and the second had Brian. Due to planning problems and people's schedule the planned 4 player game did not happen. *pouts* But I did win the game finally. It was actually won kind of handily by me which scared me some, but it was shortlived as I finished in last on the second game and Ed recorded his second win. (Course neither of us have won a 4 player game of it, usually Sean wins with Brian finishing second.) The planned movie watching did not happen. *pouts* It was supposed to be Spirited Away on DVD and "The Matrix". (I haven't seen it in quite awhile....)

Sunday was game day where we had a slow start cause of me as usual. I took too long doing Mike's stuff and that was followed with a failed attempt to eat a meal at a sit down restaurant so it turned into take out. All in all it was a very late night where I reveal way too may secrets of the world to the party and there was little dramatic resolution in the character's lives. They still do not have their memorable tales to speak of. *hrms* I may be good at story plots but game ones...?

Anyway... this is too long of a post.

Take care any who read this.
Thursday, May 15th, 2003
1:41 am
I saw Matrix Reloaded last night/this morning. Very very good movie.... More intellectual then the first. Alot more characters and factions involved. It added to the mythology of the world and destroyed some illusions. Some great action scenes. Very visual movie. Good eye candy all around.

Anyway, poof, I'm off to bed.
Wednesday, May 14th, 2003
1:12 am
One episode of Buffy tommorrow night!

Tommorrow night is Matrix at the Liberty Tree theatre in Danvers! 10:20 pm! :) I'm so psyched. And I need sleep.... Speaking of which....
Tuesday, May 13th, 2003
3:03 pm
I'm amused

I'm expecting to come to work and see this installed on the door, only it will be blue with big X on the door. :)
Monday, May 12th, 2003
10:38 pm
Did I mention bored? ;p
Monday, March 3rd, 2003
3:33 pm
Tonight is the award ceremony for Michael Nurse's nomination for an Irne (sp?). I believe it stands for Independent Reviewers of New England.

I got all dressed up for it and I get the great fun of trying to remember how to tie a tie.... It should be fun at least. Another new experience. I hope Michael wins. :)
1:16 pm
Well Sunday, the plan was to drive down to Connecticut to visit Pan. Ed chickened out due to the early departure time, so that left Brian and me to go. The drive to and back was a lot less painful then I thought it would be. When we got there we got a nice tour of their place and it's pretty cool, much better then the place Pan had in Malden. It looks like a home. :)

We played 4 games of Give me the Brain. Cool game. :) Then afterwards we tried playing Past Lives. Brian ended up being someone I forget and cannot remember for the life of me. Pan ended up being a slave trader who's name I forget. It was pretty funny though since he and his wife are into S&M and he's a master. ;p
It was pretty funny during the part where Pan was explaining the rules I pointed out I thought it was too easy to get the 4 great treasures in the game, since all you had to do was land on them (Movement was done by dice and you could move backwards in special cases.), and he responded that it really was not all that easy. I ended up landing on 3 of the 4, but had to sell one for half price cause I never had enough money. ;p I ended up scoring the highest but got the liberty of ended up being Marilyn Monroe. Joy....

All in all it was a rather fun trip. Pan was sad that we didn't stay later, but both Brian and me needed to get back into the area at a descent time.

During the ride home I received a lecture from Brian and finally got angry about all the stuff that happened early last week that was bumming me out till my niece cheered me up. I had a talk with Ed about this event and future cases and my point was made I believe. Course he's mad at me about it, but oh well. That's life I guess.

And last night I continued my strange/good weekend by deleting all my contact info for Irina and wrote her one last poem and am intending to let it go. I posted the poem on a site I know she reads regularly and she responded within a minute with more protests then anything. I closed the window and went to bed. Since Jan 2nd this was the only conversation she has started other then once she answered me about news regarding to Pan, only offering a comment and leaving it there. (This was also 3 days later....) I have not contacted her or messaged her since the 15th of February. I feel like a recovering alcoholic but I also feel better now. I'm gonna have to live with the fact Ed will remain friends with her though so she will be at the borderline of my life.

But all in all I feel better then I have since early September last year. I know I have issues to work on, but at least now I know more clearly what they are, so hopefully this is progress. :)

Current Mood: content
Saturday, March 1st, 2003
3:28 pm
Friday night
Friday night was very cool. It started out a little shaky but got better as it went. I almost missed the shuttle bus. Technically I did, but I ran across the lot and flagged it down (Stupid printer issue made me late.... ;p). Jen got off the wrong exit by accident and ended up in Chelsea, but luckily it was part of the area I knew and I was able to give her directions to get here over the phone.

We ended up going to sushi. Jen had only tried a piece or two at Marche a couple months backand she got sick from it. The last time she visited she wanted to get sushi but it was late already on a Friday night and we wanted to see a movie. This time we started earilier (even with her getting lost, she was only 4 minutes late. :) this time and the movie wasn't important really. We were both in talking moods. It's actually one of the things I've always liked about her. We generally do not have to search for things to talk about. It just happens.

We went to Blue Fin. The sushi was good, but now that I've been to a few different places and am eating it more often I can see differences in the quality of the sushi more. Blue Fin is not as fresh as this place on Rt 1 (In saugus I belive.) named Miso Grill . It's fairly new. At least it's under new ownership. But then again Blue Fin is cheaper. Jen expected it to be more expensive. She enjoyed the meal it seems. I also had her try Edaname (sp?), which she enjoyed. She'd never eaten soy beans.

It was nice for once to be introducing someone else to new things. The whole night in all reminded me of how much I actually have changed in the last 4 years. Hopefully for the better.

Afterwards, we both finally decided we did not want to see a movie. She suggested a coffee shop, so I suggested Diesel since we were kinda in the same area (Plus I actually had a descent idea of how to drive there). We ended up playing pool for about an hour and half and talked some more. I ran into an old friend from Dan's Chocolates and got invited to his sushi b-day party this coming Saturday at Ginza in Chinatown. It's kinda cool, cause elvendoll strongly suggested I try this place plus it appears he's invited a couple other people I knew at Dan's Chocolates too. The whole thing struck me as a what a small world and reminded me of why I like this area.

Anyway, heading out for Malaysian with Brian and Sean. Turns out Brian had never tried Malaysian. I've only had it once. So I get to introduce him to that. :)

(Yeah, I know it's something stupid to get giddy over, but with the week I've had and the way the past several years of my life have gone, it's the small things like this that I'm appreciated now. We'll see how long it lasts.)
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